• Rayne Longboards

    Rayne Longboards

    In 2003 Graham Buksa, the wizard behind the curtain that is Rayne Longboards, began making boards in Alberta and calling them Rayne. A year later, Graham brought his particular magic to British Columbia and the North Shore and joined the burgeoning group of coastal shredders pioneering downhill skateboarding as we know it today. 10 years later, Rayne Longboards has been recognized as one of the leading innovators in longboarding and speedboarding. Graham’s design, collaboration with our professional race team and [...]

  • Snowshoing Tetrahedron Provincial Park

    Snowshoing Tetrahedron Provincial Park

    This is what I remember from the trip we took, the rest is just a blur.

  • An Afternoon with Alexandra Morton

    An Afternoon with Alexandra Morton

    We sat down with marine biologist Alexandra Morton in her backyard – to discuss her life, her predictions for the future of salmon in British Columbia, and her thoughts on humanity. Shot during a road trip to Sointula, BC, Canada with my friends Lewis Bennett and Alex Batko. Lewis did all the editing and Alex was the brains behind it all. More information: salmonconfidential.ca salmonaresacred.org

  • The Garage Sale – Luxury Auction House

    The Garage Sale – Luxury Auction House

    Advertisement for The Garage Sale – Luxury Auction House, Kelowna, BC, Canada. Produced with The Still Brandworks stillbrandworks.com luxuryauctionhouse.com

  • Asian Gangs

    Asian Gangs

    In 1994, Grade 5 student Lewis Bennett got into a schoolyard fight that resulted in a stern warning from his principal. “Change your ways, or you’ll end up in an Asian gang.” Seventeen years later, Bennett (still Caucasian) revisits his past in this comedic documentary to determine if he took a wrong turn along the way. TIFF PROGRAMMER’S NOTE: “In 1994, Grade 5 student Lewis Bennett got into a schoolyard fight that resulted in a stern warning from his principal: [...]

  • Bazinga


    My role: Editing, compositing & motion graphics bazinga!’s challenge was communicating to 5 stakeholder groups, each with differing needs and biases. To solve this, we developed archetypal users from each of these groups: a property manager, building manager, developer, strata council member as well as an owner and renter duo. The strategy was to keep the focus on the way that bazinga! solves the pains that each group experiences. The interface is shown in passing on mobile devices, but the [...]

  • The Sandwich Nazi

    The Sandwich Nazi

    The Sandwich Nazi is about Salam Kahil who runs La Charcuterie, a Scandinavian deli in the Port Kells area of Surrey, BC. He is an art collector, a former male escort, an amateur piano player, and a supporter of the homeless in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside but his true passion is talking about blowjobs. This short film won the Best Documentary Award at the 2012 Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival and has been nominated for Best Documentary at the Taste Awards 2012. Directed [...]

  • Trevor the Dinosaur

    Trevor the Dinosaur

    This is a short documentary about a plastic dinosaur named Trevor and his human friend Derek Scott.

  • Parrot Island

    Parrot Island

    Parrot Island is about Ray Parkes who runs a parrot sanctuary in Peachland, B.C. with his wife Valerie and a few volunteers. It was set up to take care of abandoned parrots and to help educate the public on why we shouldn’t be buying these birds. The film screened at the 2012 Gimli Film Festival. You can contact Ray Parkes at (250) 767-9030 to make a donation to Parrot Island. More information friendsofparrotsanctuary.org parrotisland.net/howtogive.htm Shot by me and Lewis, edited [...]

  • Sacerdote – FALASTE O QUE

    Sacerdote – FALASTE O QUE

    Kuduro video shot in the area of Sambizanga in Luanda, Angola with MC Sacerdote and his artist crew, January 2012. Directed by Benjamin Taft & Teddy Goitom Lineproducer: Hugo Salvaterra Production by Stocktown & Geraco 80 Intro vinjett by John Lissert – Able Films

  • Anto & Paragasha – QWERTY LOVE

    Anto & Paragasha – QWERTY LOVE

    Stocktown presents: Anto & Paragasha – QWERTY LOVE Shot in downtown Nairobi, Kenya, January 8th 2012. Credits: Directed by: Teddy Goitom & Benjamin Taft, Cameras: Pedro Julio Ramirez Paz, Peter Cephas Mwangi Music producer: Jesse Bukindu Thanks to all the dance crews who showed up! Titanz Bruce, Black Blingers, Crew yangu, Dexterity, Xtinguishaz dance crew, Miscars dancerz, Outsyderz, Trenaz, Kipati Fiti, KO TEAM, One five, Shammah Sa Bboy stocktown.com

  • Signature cocktail series

    Signature cocktail series

    Watch The Vancouver Club’s Master Barman Jonathan ‘Johnny’ Richard make one of his award winning signature cocktails: the Smokey Pear. Wintertime flavours mingle elegantly in this seasonal beverage which has become a holiday favourite with Club Members. Johnny handcrafts key ingredients for his cocktails and never fails to impress guests with his creativity and tasteful pairing. Join Johnny in Bar III this Christmas for a seasonal beverage that is sure to warm you with holiday cheer. See more at vancouverclub.ca

  • The Vancouver Club

    The Vancouver Club

    I have worked together with The Still Brandworks to create a number of videos for The Vancouver Club’s new online presence. The Vancouver Club hosts the most incredible weddings in the city. This is a glimpse into their world, the video above is a promo for the Engage fashion show. Established in 1889, The Vancouver Club has deep roots in this young, vibrant city. The Club is a place to dine, play, relax and connect with other professionals who are [...]

  • Hotsprings journey

    Hotsprings journey

    For my birthday we took a bumpy drive up along the logging roads hugging Harrison lake to reach the amazing Sloquet hot springs, BC, Canda. This is what it was like. Music: Klimek, Johnny & Reinhold Heil – Native Funeral from the amazing Deadwood tv-series

  • PUMA Artist Series

    PUMA Artist Series

    A short documentary about artist Gofried Donkor a Fine Artist from Ghana who designed the national football teams new kit for Puma. The story was shot in Accra and Kumasi in Ghana. Shot by. Benjamin Taft & Chris Saunders Agency: Syrup For more information check out www.puma.com/football

  • Adventures with Tomos

    Adventures with Tomos

    Travelling by bikes & boats in Croatia, summer 2011. Shot by me, Adam, Bern and probably Andrew Edited by me. Titles by Adam Bognar. Music: Ulrich Schnauss – Einfeld

  • The Canadian Olympic Team

    The Canadian Olympic Team

    The Canadian Olympic Team began competing in the modern Olympic Games in the early 1900′s. Over a century of stories, themes, and iconography influenced this comprehensive rebrand which included brand strategy, brand architecture, marks, typography, colour, graphics, photography style, writing style, brand guidelines and launch video. Director/producer: Ben Hulse Videographer/editor/motion graphics: Benjamin Taft Audio designer Toby Hulse Additional b-roll and editing by Cory Ransom The new brand was unveiled on June 6th, 2011. Over the coming months the new strategy [...]

  • Avigilon


    I directed and post-produced these commercials for Canadian surveillance system company Avigilon. Editing and motion design by Benjamin Taft. Agency: The Still Brandworks Avigilon’s cameras allow a level of detail that their competitors can not match. At 20 megapixels, these cameras can replace up to 50 traditional analogue cameras. To highlight this, we produced a film piece for trade shows and the web. Since their high megapixel count cameras perform best in large, open spaces, the piece follows a scenario [...]

  • Stocktown X South Africa

    Stocktown X South Africa

    Beyond the stereotypical daily reporting on violence, AIDS and safari tours, Swedish based directors Teddy Goitom and Benjamin Taft set out to capture the creative street vibes of South Africa. On their first stop to Capetown and Johannesburg , they meet up with the heavy metal band Ree-burth , The Soweto Style setters Smarteez with their colorful street savy fashion to video gamers label 2bop to the limpop music genre innovator Gazelle and many many more. Welcome to a road [...]

  • Live streaming tv-studio

    Live streaming tv-studio

    I was responsible for acquiring and setting up equipment and software for a small indie tv-studio that streams live to the web and mobile devices. Stocktv presents trailer from best off live sessions from our stocktown beta live studio with Menage A Tugg, La Raza, Elena burlesque talkshow, Highlife and more. These live sessions are brought to you by the crazy minds of the Stocktown crew. Stocktown started out in the late 90´s documenting all aspects of street culture via documentaries, [...]

  • Burning Man video postcard

    Burning Man video postcard

    Vacationing with friends in the desert, Black Rock city, Nevada 2010.

  • Bowen island downhill mountainbiking

    Bowen island downhill mountainbiking

    A day in the Fern kingdom in Bowen island outside Vancouver, B.C with my buddies Adam and Bern shredding some ferns. Shot with a combo of a Canon 5dmkII and GoPro HDs. Music by: Opus Orange – The World Is Spinning

  • PUMA Word Cup 2010

    PUMA Word Cup 2010

    On behalf of PUMA football we travelled to a Swiss village in the mountains to document the Ivory Coast national team as they were training for the World Cup in South Africa in 2010. Commissioned by the Agency Syrup New York. We shot videos, interviews & still photos that was published in blogposts such as this over at the puma.com blog

  • A road-trip through a tropical island

    A road-trip through a tropical island

    A collage of some footage from my road-trip around Bali in March 2010. There’s some underwater footage from scuba diving and snorkeling and some other random stuff that I liked the look of. Music: “Ne connissons” by the amazing Kazumasa Hashimoto

  • A more spicy Africa

    A more spicy Africa

    We followed the internationally acclaimed chef Marcus Samuelsson to Morocco in search of a new way to fusion the flavors of Africa with familiar every day meals. The result? Four cooking shows introducing the spices Chermoulla, Piri Piri, Durban curry and Green Harissa. Marcus Samuelsson is an award‐winning chef and cookbook author with titles like Africa on my mind, A journey of tastes and Streetfood. His passion and dedication for the African cuisine, manifested through his book, The Soul of [...]

  • Grolsch Block Bar – stop-motion

    Grolsch Block Bar – stop-motion

    Two stop motion animations, one in a daytime shop setting and the other in a bar/small club showing examples of how to make use of Grolsch beer promotional material.

  • Grolsch Block Party

    Grolsch Block Party

    Each Grolsch Block Party fills hot clubs and bars, cool stores and galleries with art, music and fashion. It’s a mini urban festival that lasts one night only, taking the party to the street to get the whole neighborhood jumping. We would like to thank Grolsch and all the fantastic peeps we met during our trip in Stockholm/Sweden, Paris/France, Sofia/Bulgaria and Lisbon/Portugal. Grolsch Block Party Stockholm – 2009 from Soeasy on Vimeo. The people behind the project: Benjamin Taft – [...]

  • BKW High Energie Lounge

    BKW High Energie Lounge

    I was comissioned by the Swiss advertising agency KARGO to create this motion graphics spot for BKW High Energie Lounge. BKW is the main sponsor for a music festival in Bern, Switzerland and they use a version of this video every year to promote their lounge area at the festival. It’s closely based on the print ad designed by KARGO.

  • H&M – Fashion for your home

    H&M – Fashion for your home

    I was commissioned by H&M to create a motion graphics promotional film for their Fashion For Your Home campaign. The Swedish clothing company launched an interior design series in early 2009, to be sold online and at designated stores. It successfully screened by changing rooms and behind cash registers at H&M clothing stores in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Austria & the Netherlands. Motion graphics: Benjamin Taft Producer: Teddy Goitom Agency: Panagora AB

  • City Lights

    City Lights

    Ohh so your new song is called City Lights?! I have a great idea for that! When I got a call from the band asking me to do a video for their upcoming single I had just recently checked out the inspirational light painting works of people posting at instructables.com and found my way to the amazing movies made by the japanese light-painting crew PIKAPIKA. We came up with our own take on it. City Lights is being shown at the Moving [...]

  • My Way

    My Way

    An inspirational film about young Swedish creators sharing their stories about how they developed their talent and made a living out of it.

  • Summer Smile

    Summer Smile

    Animated music video for my friends Sleeping Beauty Drawings: Rebecca Taft Animations, motion graphics: Benjamin Taft Music by Sleeping beauty