I directed and post-produced these commercials for Canadian surveillance system company Avigilon.

Editing and motion design by Benjamin Taft.
Agency: The Still Brandworks

Avigilon’s cameras allow a level of detail that their competitors can not match. At 20 megapixels, these cameras can replace up to 50 traditional analogue cameras. To highlight this, we produced a film piece for trade shows and the web. Since their high megapixel count cameras perform best in large, open spaces, the piece follows a scenario at a stadium. The resulting campaign focused on the level of power and sophistication that their end to end system allows for while offering unparalleled. simplicity and value.

Avigilon advertisement, soccer version:

Made in Canada manufacturing film by Benjamin Taft and Adam Bognar
Agency: The Still Brandworks

In an industry where production is almost exclusively outsourced overseas, Avigilon’s local factories help it to achieve an unparalleled level of quality. We produced this film piece to highlight these facilities and the integrated design, prototyping and manufacturing process it allows for.