Grolsch Block Party

Each Grolsch Block Party fills hot clubs and bars, cool stores and galleries with art, music and fashion. It’s a mini urban festival that lasts one night only, taking the party to the street to get the whole neighborhood jumping.

We would like to thank Grolsch and all the fantastic peeps we met during our trip in Stockholm/Sweden, Paris/France, Sofia/Bulgaria and Lisbon/Portugal.

Grolsch Block Party Stockholm – 2009 from Soeasy on Vimeo.

The people behind the project:

Benjamin Taft – Film photographer & editor
Teddy Goitom – Filmproducer
Anibal Jimenez – Photographer & Projectmanager
Ricardo Gonzalez – Art director
Lucho Ojeda – Project manager
Johan Strahl – Photographers assistant

Music credits
Above The Clouds (Vocal mix) – Wipe The Needle feat. Misha Sutherland
Topbillin – Big Dancin & After laughter
Jahcoozi – Namedropper
Raziek – Danslaville
Randy Barracuda – Overnight Romancin
Wipe The Needle – Battle Star (Soundmen On Wax 529)
Daniel Savio