City Lights

Ohh so your new song is called City Lights?! I have a great idea for that! When I got a call from the band asking me to do a video for their upcoming single I had just recently checked out the inspirational light painting works of people posting at Instructables and found my way to the amazing movies made by the japanese light-painting crew PIKAPIKA. We came up with our own take on it.

City Lights was shown at the Moving Types exhibition in The Gutenberg Museum Mainz in Germany between October 21st 2011 and April 22nd 2012. It was also been a part of the Gasteig Open Video – Open Air exhibition at the Gasteig cultural center in Munich, Germany in 2008 and 2009.

I wrote a DIY guide on the technique we used over at Instructables (it won the 3rd price in their “Let It Glow” competition), it was featured in the top of the weekly newsletter and started to spread throughout the net. It was selected as a “Staff’s Choice Picks!” and it’s been viewed more than 80,000 times over at the video creators social network Vimeo. So far it’s been mentioned in the following online publications, Kanye West’s blogFurbiz, Nerdcore, It was selected best of the week by the brazilian art blog Abduzeedo, The french newspaper Libérations online site écrans selected it for their column “Seen on the www”. It could be seen over at the french language art-blog, HellsGarden and 09Media had some nice things to say about it. The german media blogger Julia wrote a nice piece on it on her blog Julias 49suns. The music blog The Exactly is calling it fresh and dope. It was also mentioned in an an article over at HacknMod, and MAKE Magazine blogged about it.

Produced by: Benjamin Taft, Johannes Petterson, Jonatan Westman
Main photography by: Benjamin Taft
Additional photography by: Daniel Palmér
Editing & Post: Jonatan Westman, Benjamin Taft
Light-painters: Johannes Petterson, Jonatan Westman and to a lesser extent the rest of the crew and the band, a special shout out to Björn Janson (drummer in the band) who did the many of the detailed light paintings.
Music and performance by: Sleeping Beauty